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Stamping Press Business

Since our earliest days, we have provided cutting-edge stamping press machines for each new era, meeting our customers' press machining needs in a wide range of settings.
Our digital electric servo press series is a standout example of our range of products that are compatible with digital networks and allow the operation or maintenance status to be viewed easily.

Stamping Press

Press Room Automation Business

Coil line systems and robot line systems are used to automate the processes in stamping lines. The ORII brand has the best track record and longest history in the industry. Only a total supplier like AMADA ORII can provide the best proposals for all kinds of needs.

Coil Line System

A unit for sizing steel plates and feeding them to a press.
Suitable for various processing situations, from small scale to large.

Robot Line System

AMADA ORII's series of press robots support
press room automation with refined
designs and a wide variety of types and variations.

Spring Machine Business

The MEC brand of spring machines from AMADA ORII are a worldwide favorite.
This top brand boasts the industry's best precision spring technology.

Spring Former

A machine specialized for torsion springs.

Coiling Machine

A machine mainly used to produce compression springs.

Extension Spring Machine

A machine specialized for the
production of extension springs, including
English, German, and U hooks.

Leveling Casters and Pads

This technology prevents vibrations and noise in equipment used in settings such as offices, factories, and hospitals.
The carry set includes casters to enable free movement, installation, and adjustment.
The level pad provides stronger vibration-proofing and sound-proofing, and enables a higher degree of freedom for the installation surface.

Caster with anti-vibration function

For moving, securing, vibration prevention, and level adjustment of equipment such as OA devices and precision machines.

Leveling pad with anti-vibration and level adjustment function

For securing vibration prevention, and tilt adjustment of industrial machines