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Oriimec was established in 1962 and started the operation with 177 square feet of factory located in Tokyo. With the purpose of developing machines that would automate stamping press operation making them more productive and safe. Oriimec continues to invest in R&D to meet the future demands of our customers, maintaining the same objective as our small start a half century ago. Oriimec's management policy is to be the best and most unique Automation Equipment Manufacturer in the world. We challange ourselves to make the best machines in the industry. Oriimec continues to earn the trust of it's customers, commuity, and aims to build a better society.

President & C.E.O, Hajime Takabatake

Management Philosophy

A company with a strong presence

We aim to continue to be a company that is needed by our customers, by our workers, by the local community, by Japan, and by the world.

We aim to be indispensable to our customers, to workplaces, to families, and to communities.

Our Vision


To get closer to our customers and provide better support

We believe that our mission as a manufacturer is to support our customers from locations close to their production sites, and have opened offices all over Japan to fulfill this mission.
We are now working to fulfill this same role for our customers currently expanding overseas.
We will continue to actively pursue global expansion in order to assist our customers from locations near their production sites.


For the future of our customers and our companies

All technology and innovation must benefit humanity and society.
We have a strong commitment to ensuring that our products support safe and injury-free production sites, are easy to use, and contribute to the growth of our customers.
It is for this reason that we have provided our customers with products and services of the highest level of quality in the industry.
However, we have not yet attained the ideal we seek.
We aim to provide value and contribute to the construction of a sustainable society through manufacturing, for the future of not only those in Japan, but our customers and our companies around the world.